One Day Excursions From Marrakech : Ourika Valley

Ourika Morocco

We cross the plain of Haouz thirty kilometers, then we deviate to Aghmat , now abandoned village that was founded by Berber tribes before the Islamization. At the end of the X century it became the capital , later the region was conquered by the Almoravids (Berber origin tribe) The activity was gradually reduced in favor of Marrakech. All that remains is the mausoleum Moatamid Ben Abbot, Andalusian prince and poet who was captured during the conquest of Seville in 1091.Then we come back to the main road, about 3 km south reaching the trail Caid Dar Ourika, the busiest zoko in the Valley near Marrakech (Mondays)

– Departure time from Marrakech at 8 am

– Return back to Marrakech at 6 pm